How to use my discount coupon2019-04-19T07:47:34+02:00

You’ve just won a discount coupon and want to know how to use it?

How to use it:

  • Sign in to your eMediaPlace account and choose the title you want to buy:

  • Then click on “BUY”:

  • Enter your PROMOTIONAL CODE and click “ACTIVATE”:

  • As soon as your promo code is activated, you can continue purchasing (with your credit or mobile banking with MVola / Orange Money, or with Paypal or Visa / Mastercard).

The My Titles page will automatically appear as soon as you have finalized your transaction, and you can start reading.


There may be a problem during activation of the coupon if, for example, you try to use it while the minimum purchase amount attached to the coupon is not reached or because the validity date of the coupon has expired:


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How to buy newspapers or magazines with my credits2019-03-05T07:52:40+01:00

Buy with my credits on eMediaPlace

How to buy credits2019-03-05T07:54:35+01:00

Here’s how to buy credits on eMediaPlace

How to read your articles on the eMediaPlace digital kiosk2019-04-19T08:04:04+02:00

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to read your articles on the eMediaPlace digital newsstand.

How to read your newspapers and magazine on your Android smartphone or tablet2019-03-05T07:57:29+01:00

To read your newspapers on your smartphone or tablet, the eMediaPlace app is available on Google playstore. Here’s how to download and use it.

How to buy on the eMediaPlace digital kiosk via MVola.2019-03-05T07:59:19+01:00

How to buy magazines and magazines malagasy and foreigners on the eMediaPlace library via MVola.


How to register on eMediaPlace2019-03-05T08:00:50+01:00

Registration on the eMediaPlace digital kiosk is free for everyone. Here are some useful tips for your first steps on the site.

I have neither a tablet nor a smartphone so how can I read my papers?2019-04-19T08:18:29+02:00

If you have no mobile device (tablet or smartphone) to read your newspapers, we offer an integrated reader accessible from a web browser on any computer.

  1. In your Internet browser go to the login page and log in to your account;
  2. In your browser go to the login page and log in to your account the “my titles” page;
  3. Just click on the title you want to read to open the eMediaPlace e-reader.

“My Titles” page (Newspapers and magazines of the day):


My Titles page (Archive files of your newspapers and magazines):


After clicking on a title on the “My Titles” page the eMediaPlace e-reader opens with your journal:


How to update the eMediaPlace catalog on my iPad / iPhone / tablet / Android smartphone?2019-04-19T08:23:19+02:00

On the app’s home page, just touch the screen and swipe down. The catalogue will be automatically updated.

I still have not received my magazine / home newspaper. Why ?2019-04-19T08:41:35+02:00 is a digital kiosk that distributes the press exclusively on a computer, tablet or smartphone.
For enquiries about print editions, please contact the publication’s own subscriber service.

How to read my journal / magazine without an Internet connection?2019-04-19T08:58:18+02:00
  1. With the eMediaPlace app , you can read your newspapers / magazines without 3G / 4G connection or wifi on your tablet or smartphone. . You need to have previously downloaded your newspapers and magazines and put your device on flight mode. You will find the downloaded titles in the My purchases tab. .
  2. On the website, internet connection is required to read your titles.

The eMediaPlace application the kiosk:


I can not download my magazine on iOS, the download does not start. What should I do ?2019-03-05T08:21:06+01:00
  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the eMediaPlace app on the App Store. If the application is open, please close it and then restart it by double clicking on the central button of the iPad / iPhone, then pulling up the eMediaPlace screen to make it disappear. Then restart the eMediaPlace application.
  2. In the eMediaPlace app, sign in with your eMediaPlace account and go to “my purchases”. Click on the “trash” icon, select the newspaper or magazine, then click “Done”. Go to the “All purchases” tab and click again on the newspaper or magazine to download it again.
  3. If the re-download does not work, click on the “trash” icon again and delete several logs that you have downloaded. Then try again to download your newspaper or magazine.
  4. If it still does not work, you can go to the “Settings” application of the iPhone / iPad, then in the “General” / “Information” menu. Check that the available capacity is sufficient, not less than 5 GB. If the memory is not sufficient, eMediaPlace may not work, please delete large files from your iPad / iPhone, such as videos.
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